Beth Erickson

Qualifications & Experience

I’ve been shadowing a mentor for the last 4 years and sharing in the daily tasks. I’ve delivered puppies, assisted in nursing issues, harvested semen, observed AI procedures, and have actively participated in the decision-making process when issues have come up. My various experiences with my mentor drove me to establish my own program. I truly have fallen in love with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and am so excited to be a breeder.

Good Breeder

Preserving the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

I understand the very important role that breeders undertake; today’s breeders are the guardians of the future Cavaliers. It is such an honor to preserve the line of these incredible dogs all the while creating companionship for others.

My Commitment

My commitment is to provide you with a professional and friendly puppy-buying experience, and that includes always having responsible practices when it comes to breeding, socializing, training, and rehoming my puppies. My goal will be to breed companions that are ready for any adventure or couch surfing with you!