Qualifications & Experience

Norma Rice is a native Oregonian who has bred and shown her Cairn Terriers since 1971. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Oregon State University in 1972, and raised two sons and a daughter. She served 10 years as 4-H leader for a club (Cozy Critters) that included raising rabbits and guinea pigs, since the family lived in town. Her children learned about raising animals, without living on a farm, and showed them at the 4-H Fair and National Rabbit and Guinea Pig Shows.

Our dogs are raised in the ranch house, nap under the dining room table, share our recliners. Norma is a genetic fanatic, and is intrigued by the genetic issues that can come with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. They were added to the ranch in conjunction with some friends that we shared Women’s Bible Study Series with, and who live close by. We have supported each other through many life changes in recent years. Marge Perez and I became acquainted first with the local Kennel Club 2001. And I became acquainted with Beth Erickson through my sister who had been her long time friend when they lived on the other side of Oregon.

Preserving the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Every dog we raise is genetically tested for disease markers, and any mating is planned to raise or maintain the health level of the breed. Our Cairn Terriers as well as Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are health tested. We have a lifetime return guarantee for any dogs we raise. We have cooperative arrangements with a network of breeders to share breeding stock to produce the best, quality Cairn Terriers and are developing a network for Cavaliers King Charles Spaniels as well.

Responsible Dog Breeding

Dog breeding – done correctly – is an expensive labor of love, full of wonderful highs, and devastating lows. Being raised on a farm, I learned the life cycles, and that all the animals did not survive. Calves and lambs, kittens and puppies, occasionally died. As a breeder, this is part of life of animals AND affects us  humans. A breeder must think in terms of YEARS in advance, and maintain and acquire compatible dogs, raise them to adulthood, health test them, all while hoping for the best.